Texia in the world

Texia en el mundo


We have come a long way as manufacturers since 1917, the year in which we began our path in the world of textile finishes manufacturing.

Today, we continue progressing as one of the leading companies in the textile finishes sector and in two-sided printing.

“A hundred-year-old company, today leaders in manufacturing”.

As well as manufacturing our own products, we also offer other services for third parties such as textile preparation, textile finishes, printed textiles and dyes, achieving a highly customised result for each of our clients.


We have an extensive distribution system of our products, exporting 80% of our production.

“We have an extensive network of international commercialisation”.

We work with more than 1,700 distributors and agents, and we have a presence in around 750 sales outlets around the world. We offer a high-quality product ready to surpass the high expectations of the most demanding clients.