Our values


We cannot conceive innovation without quality. We take care of every last detail throughout the manufacturing and marketing process, which allows us to create leading products in different sectors.


We are backed by more than 100 years of experience and a great knowledge of the textile sector that allows us to accompany our customers and grow with them. We offer a high-quality service in our areas of specialisation.


More than a century innovating, perfecting and progressing to differentiate ourselves from the more traditional textile sector. Our vocation for continuous improvement has enabled us to overcome the crises in the sector and compete with Asian countries. And we continue to do so.


Our knowledge and technological capacity allow us to adapt quickly to the needs of our customers and to economic and social changes. We can develop new contributions and products or improve existing ones to generate more value.


We use natural resources with respect and efficiency in a process of constant improvement. We reduce as far as possible the impact of our activity on the environment and offer a positive return to society.

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