Texia is a hundred-year-old textile Company that was founded in Barcelona in 1917. With more than 100 years’ experience in the sector, we continue working day after day to offer the best to our clients.

“Today our continued growth is based on 5 pillars: quality, experience, creativity and innovation, agility and sustainability.”

We were founded as a small industry of textile finishes in the district of Poble Nou in Barcelona, and are currently a textile company with more than 85 workers and with a unique technology that enables us to commercialise our products around the world.

Our vocation as innovators differentiates us from traditional textile products and enables us to compete with the Asian countries.

Thanks to our obsession with quality we continue in the world of textile finishes, despite the eternal crisis that the textile sector suffers. We manufacture products that are leaders is segments as varied as luxury hotel and catering, airlines or hygiene in the professional sector.

We are also aware that in order to continue for another 100 years we must carry on producing and creating sustainable products. In our installations we have a modern treatment plant and we cogenerate the energy we need for production.

All our products are manufactured with natural fibres. We have recently successfully introduced recycled cotton that we obtain from local suppliers.